My Mission:

TurboGrafx-16 Console

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AKA: What am I trying to do here?

I have a lot of theories on games. Most of those theories have been lost in the many crevices of my mind, which is probably for the best.

However, at least one idea remains. As much as video game technology has improved over the three decades or so that console systems have existed, actual games themselves just aren’t any better today than they were during the ’90’s. Ok, you got me, I confess to having a major bias towards the end of the 16-bit era and much of the 32-bit era. I don’t think that makes me wrong though.

While this could serve as an excellent launching point towards a scathing diatribe towards those wicked and greedy game publishing corporations, that’s not really my point (and it’s not what I’m all about).

I wish I could give some attribution to this paraphrase, but I don’t remember : (, so apologies in advance. I read somewhere that essentially the technology advanced so quickly that we never reached the full potential of each gaming era as we passed through to the next, which helps explain the influx of retro style games. I think that’s a strong point. I also think that, deep down, most gamers don’t really care that much about fancy graphics or even complex physics systems: just give us solid, deep, and, above all, fun gameplay and we’re happy.

Which ties into my post title. I want to design games with a minimalist theme in mind, not only because I, well, have to due to my lack of experience (ahem), but also because designers should focus primarily on the meat of a game instead of flashy distractions. That said, it’s not like awesome graphics and other nifty peripherals ever really hurt a game. They just shouldn’t be the main draw.

PS: I use the term “gameplay” a lot. I should get around to explaining what I think that means, because, well, I may not know what I’m talking about. Also because it could make a good post. Until then, here.


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