Post 0: My first post.

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My original plan was for this blog to be a (small) supplement to the rest of a webpage. Due to noobery and the difficulty involved in actually obtaining webspace, this blog is all we have for now. Here’s to making the best of it.

I intend for the blog to focus on two things: first, my work as I muddle through designing video games, and second, general comments on gaming and the gaming industry. No promises that I won’t stray into other territory, though : )

While I doubt this post itself will inspire many of you, please feel free to post comments, both negative and positive, on any of my posts. At this point I think I’m pretty safe in saying that I will be able to respond to each every one of them.

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to seeing how all this develops. Take care!

PS: Ideas for new posts are always welcome.

Edit: I cannot for the life of me determine why this post isn’t last. Confusing.


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