The Greatest Game of All Time.

Final Fantasy VI SNES caratula

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Walking to class from the parking lot, it hit me like a tidal wave: Final Fantasy VI is the best of the Final Fantasy games, and, in addition, the Greatest Game of All Time.

Great storyline? Yep. Character development? You bet. Gameplay depth? Absolutely. The only flaw in FFVI is that there isn’t more of it. Too bad Square didn’t release FFVI this century, we could have had FFVI spinoffs running all over the place.

In the not so distant past, I couldn’t decide if FFVI was truly superior to Final Fantasy VII. VII has a lot of good qualities going for it, and, not inconsequentially, it also managed to broaden the appeal of RPG’s to a much larger audience. But that simply makes a game iconic, not necessarily good. Of course, FFVII is a good game, a great game, which is why it was, in my mind, in contention with FFVI as the greatest Final Fantasy game ever.

So it’s not that FFVII is bad, it’s just that VI is better, pretty much in every way. Sephiroth is cool, albeit slightly cliche, whereas Kefka is simply incredible. Kefka remade the world in his own image and became the next thing to an omnipotent world overlord. Sephiroth… tried. But got killed first.

Ok, I could go through the list of why FFVI is superior to VII, but this post is about why FFVI is the best game ever. Succinctly, the story is great, the gameplay is engaging, and there’s no wasted space. Each character has a distinct flavor and significant backstory that I, at least, care about. And somehow all this great storytelling and character development never got in the way of the actual plot. I’m still impressed to this day.

What are your nominees for the Greatest Game of All Time? Do you even think FFVI is the best Final Fantasy? What about Square game? Plenty of food for thought on this one.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Game of All Time.

  1. While I agree with you, I have seen the argument that both Exdeath and Ultimecia remade the world as well and that Kefka is actually a one dimensional, boring loser. The difference in my mind is that those two were incredibly boring whereas Kefka’s unrestrained cruelty was downright endearing.

    • As promised, I am responding to comments.

      I think we’re on the same page, though. Kefka was awesome. Ultimecia appeared out of the blue after you killed what’s her name in VIII, and had little to no development. She always seemed like Generic Bad Guy to me. Exdeath was relatively generic as well – evil sorcerer wants to do evil things.

      But Kefka… he was unhinged. Which made his motivations inscrutable and beyond analysis : )

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