Hold me back!!!

A Winkel Tripel projection of the Earth

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My RPG masterpiece… err… “masterpiece” has run into a delay. That delay comes in the form of the world map.

I think I might be doing it wrong. For one, I can’t help but choose the largest map size available, which is something like 500 x 500 tiles. I have also been drawing the map screen by screen on the closest zoom setting, whereas I should probably sketch out a quick map outline while zoomed out all the way.

I also think it might be important for me to sketch the map out first on paper – or in Paint, I suppose – before attempting to just free draw it in RPG Maker.

My issue with the world map reflects a similar issue I have in the overall game design process. I enjoy creating the small scenes, the individual events, but when it comes to the macro design of the game, I tend to flake out. Or curl up into a ball and hide in the corner. One of those.

This is where having a team would really help. I need interns…


2 thoughts on “Hold me back!!!

  1. It’s probably best to not even worry about the world map until you have your game progression flowchart all mapped out. That way you can plan the world around the game instead of haphazardly throwing together an environment and trying to fit a plot around it.

  2. Or… or… OR…

    I could make a map and then fit the plot around it! Ok, I’m not sure that makes sense. I’m just fulfilling my promise to respond to all comments. Yours is indeed good advice.

    I do think it would be a good idea to sketch out a map draft as well, though, but not implement it until later.

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