Top 10 Best Design Decisions: An Introduction

manual mapping of a fictitious computer role p...

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Last week, I mentioned how much I dislike underage protagonists in video games. That led me to start writing a list of my top 10 most disliked RPG features.

But I realized how much more I would enjoy writing a list of my favorite design decisions. Even though I think there would be some value in the other list, I would rather take the positive side of this discussion (for once). Also, so far I could only come up with five features that I disliked.

…that may or may not be five times as long as my current favorite design decision list.

Over the next two weeks, I will introduce a new favorite design feature each day and explain what I liked so much about it. As always, the list will focus on RPG’s, but considering how blurred the line between has become between genres these days, anything is fair game.

And away we go.


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