7. The Job System

Final Fantasy Tactics offers a wide selection ...

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I suppose at this point most people (well, most people who would read this blog, I would guess) know that the Final Fantasy job system originated in Final Fantasy III. The Japanese one, not the American one – yeah, maybe it is a bit confusing.

Regardless, the job system originated in Final Fantasy III, which didn’t officially see American shores until the Nintendo DS. But when I think job system, I think Final Fantasy… V. And then Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favorite games of all ever.

I love the job system. Not just because it gives you so much control over your party composition, or allows you to use the same character but in different ways, but also because I have a fascination with evolving and/or mutating character classes. I loved the class promotions in Final Fantasy I, and also loved them in the Shining Force games. Now I get to do it over and over and over again. Joy!

The job system takes class promotion in a different direction, especially in Final Fantasy Tactics. Instead of simply finding classes that you can switch to, now you unlock them by leveling up other jobs. And I’m a sucker for unlocking things through grindy gameplay, regardless of how much I detest grinding. I’m a conundrum.

The FF job system has now made appearances in a multitude of titles, all from its humble roots in Final Fantasy III. I still think Tactics did it best, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all good. The job system. Part fun. Part innovative. All cop. Also, all awesome.


One thought on “7. The Job System

  1. The job system turned out to be a pretty great match for the MMO as well. Too bad that MMO was FFXI.

    It’s a relatively elegant solution for altoholism. Of course, then there’s the whole leveling through the same starting content over and over and over and over and over and ov…

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