5. Dynamic Armor and Weapon Graphics

Cover art

Image via Wikipedia

A grandiose title for a relatively minor but, to me, wonderful addition to gaming: equipment that changes the outward appearance of your character. I suppose with the inundation of MMO’s out there that gear graphics have been standard for years now. But I still remember playing Lagoon on the SNES and being absolutely thrilled to watch as the hero Nasir’s armor graphics changed with new gear. It wasn’t much, but those equipment graphics made an otherwise unspectacular game unforgettable.

I’m a firm believer that while the major components of a game are obviously paramount, it’s the little things that take a game from good to great, and from great to classic. Armor and weapon graphics are one of those little details that can add so much to a game, and let’s face it: these graphics are essentially superfluous. Yet those superfluous touches demonstrate the game is a labor of love rather than just another product.


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