Honorable Mention:

Also known as ideas that could have placed anywhere between tenth and first, or perhaps even better known ideas that I forgot until now.

The XenoGears Battle System: The Deathblow system was excellent, and fighting it out in massive gears was tremendously fun as well. But just having the opportunity to create random (and useless) combos with various buttons made battles more engaging and more fun. But back to Deathblows, not only were they satisfying to land, free to use, and great damage, you also had to repeatedly use the appropriate button combo to learn them, which I am, as always, a huge sucker for.

Class Promotion: Any game where you can change classes makes me happy, but when you upgrade to a superior class, I’m exuberant (thanks thesaurus.com). Therefore, Final Fantasy Tactics is great, but Ogre Battle, the Shining Force series, Vandal Hearts and the like are, well, they aren’t better games, but you do get to promote your units. That’s enough for me!

Multiplayer First Person Shooters: I am not an FPS person. I am even less of a multiplayer FPS person. But I’ve played most of the popular ones and I appreciate the appeal – I just suck, so it isn’t much fun. Starting out with ethernet Wolfenstein action (I swear it happened) and evolving all the way to the modern Call of Duty craze, multiplayer FPS combat has provided untold entertainment for countless gamers.

New Game+: First seen in Chrono Trigger – although I can’t definitively say whether a similar option under another name appeared earlier – New Game+ allowed you to play through the game from the start while maintaining your end game levels and gear. Sure, it was so you could more easily experience all the endings the game had to offer, but wasn’t it fun to annihilate the measly low level mobs until you reached end game? Yes. Yes it was.

I’m sure there are so many more innovations out there that I have either ignored, forgotten, or given short shrift. That’s what the comment section is for! If you can think of anything that deserves to be in the list, toss me a comment. Thanks for reading!


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