And… Redux.

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After spending a considerable portion of my free time over the last few days reading the archives of Old Man Murray (completely normal behavior, btw), I realized a few things:

1. 99% of everything is better when it’s funny. The remaining 1% is way better when it’s funny, unless you don’t have a sense of humor, your poor, dry bastard.

2. I will never be as funny as the dudes behind Old Man Murray (those dudes being Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek).

3. This site, being a part of everything, stands a 99+1% chance of being improved by humor.

4. Therefore, taking the above hypotheses in concert, I shall now consciously endeavor to inject (more [intentional]) humor into my posts.

There you have it. This site will now bring more funny straight through your optical nerve into your very brain, or you will die from my trying. I won’t, however, do anything else to mimic the style or content of Old Man Murray, even though I do think “Son of Murray” would make an excellent name for a tribute site or a band. C’est la vie.

PS: I also read an article on Gamasutra that made no attempts at being humorous, and it sucked. I’m thinking I may be onto something here!

PPS: Whenever I say something sucked, I feel some small tinge of guilt and an enormous sense of fear. I am but a wee blog run by a mead-addled barbarian, and the things I claim suck are giant corporate-backed vampires with the power to destroy everything in their paths. If I die, we all know who did it.

*Even after looking up “redux” on two separate online dictionaries, I’m still not entirely sure what it means. But I think it sounds cool.


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