Classic Game Download Phobia

Playstation Store

Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

From the day I first plugged in my PS3, I relentlessly checked the Playstation Store to search for XenoGears and Vagrant Story. To my (seemingly) eternal sadness, neither game would be found on the PSN for many moons.

Until now. Actually, until several months ago. And yet, I still have not purchased either game.

So here’s a little background. I have played XenoGears to death, resurrection, and death again. I love that game. Vagrant Story, on the other hand, has yet to receive its proper tender remonstrations, but I have played through about half of it. It’s a great game, and more than worthy of another slice of my time.

Why haven’t I bought either game? Because I have some sort of mental block which prevents me from paying good money for, one, games I already owned in the past, and, two, games that are inextricably tied to the system you downloaded them on.

BaselessĀ nitpicking? I would say not, although it would be fair to call my year-long boycott of the PSN store slightly over the top. I think, in the end, the thought of paying once more to enjoy a classic game strikes me as a sucker’s play. On the other hand, if I had any clue as to where either my XenoGears or Vagrant Story discs were, I wouldn’t be in this dilemma, would I?

…all this talk has reawakened my hankering to play XenoGears. Prepare to feel my wrath, bank account. Oh, and, uh, Grahf, Krelian, Miang, Id, Ramsus… there sure are a lot of villains in that game. Regardless, I’m off to play the sucker.


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