Doin’ it for the Shorties: A Fool’s Tale

I just read this article blog post(?) from Gamasutra.

I actually have no insight into his main point, that AAA space sim games are, at least for the moment, dead. I’m not sure that’s true, but I am sure that Sean Linksdog knows far more about the topic than I do.

Instead, I’d like to point out what I think is a modern day gaming curse. The author shows the comprehensive list of features that space sim avants seek, from basic viewport perspectives to more specific ship customization options. If you placed each and every one of these features into a single game, you’d be left with a convoluted mess.


Which is why I say forget all that. Instead, make a game with the features you, as the developer, want. Cater to your own personal vision. Create a game with a laser focus on the features that game needs, and forget the rest.

Consumer feedback is important. But it’s not important enough to compromise your product – whatever it may be – before you’ve even begun to create it. Frankly, consumer feedback is never important enough to actually compromise the product, only to enhance it.



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