Why can’t I ever be a Samurai?

I can be a human. Or a dwarf. Or an elf (or blood elf, night elf, dark elf… so very many different types of elf). I can be a goblin, or an orc, or a troll, or – you get the point.

I can also be a warrior, or a mage, or warlock, loremaster, burglar, royal, or, I suppose, technically I actually can be a samurai (if only in FFXI, which hardly counts : D).

Group of four samurai.

Image via Wikipedia

But when it comes down to it, I’m wielding the best weapons and armor I can loot. And oftentimes, that equipment, as fantastic as it may – or may not – look, does not make me feel like a samurai.

It makes me feel like one of a thousand identical warrior/mage/whatevers. It makes me feel like a storm trooper.

Well, as cool as storm troopers are, there sure are a lot of them. And, in the end, they were faceless blaster and light saber fodder. My character should be more than that. My character wants to wield his tachi and wear his lamellar armor in style, and still destroy his enemies as capably as any of the storm troopers beside him (and also, of course, still in style).

But no. We all have to wear our Chestguards of the Molten Giant and like it.


PS: Yes, I am aware that many games have begun to incorporate wardrobe features so that you can customize your appearance while still wearing top end equipment. Fie on that – I still don’t get to look like a samurai.


One thought on “Why can’t I ever be a Samurai?

  1. Bouncing off your Chestguard dig, if it made sense for some samurai armor to drop in the area, it probably would.

    WoW is about to be bombarded with Chinese flavored items for a year or so, so that’s kinda close.
    …but not really.

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