It Just Might Be a Shame.

Having finally overloaded on the Diablo III Beta, I was inspired to once more fire up Diablo II. After all, one can never actually get enough Diablo… right?

The thing about Diablo II, though, is that you can’t exactly just load up and play. No, instead I first ran a couple of Google searches on builds before checking out and the somewhat ironically named Diablo III Wiki (although, it does have Diablo III information in addition to an outstanding DII library).

I’ve grown tired of my endless run of Hammerdins (all of which die around level 50 due to my own incalculably stupidity), so I searched for a more interesting build, quickly settling on the Avenger. After reading a few guides, I’m good to go… needing only to grind out 60 or so levels before my build comes into its own.

Which brings me to Diablo III, where you can, it seems, simply load up and play. There’s no stat allocation, there’s no skill point allocation… there’s really no allocation at all (too bad, since allocation is a such good word). I’m not saying that DIII has completely expunged all character planning strategy from the series – I’m just saying it just feels like it.

And that, I believe, truly is a shame.


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