The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Image by psygeist via Flickr

I have been face deep in Skyrim ever since it arrived in my ever so eager hairy knuckled man mitts on Christmas morning. Today is a very brief interlude as I come up for air from my explorations in Tamriel.

I have many – so many – thoughts on the game, but as I have still yet to finish Skyrim, I’ll simply state the thought that is most obvious: this is a magnificent game, and deserves recognition as being somewhere on the list of the greatest games of all time. Where, I have no idea, but definitely on the list.

I also want to bellow my approval for one aspect of the game that I’m not sure – literally, I have no idea – if this detail has received the attention it deserved. Each and every location in the game seems to have its own micro-story. Thus, the bandits in the old abandoned mine aren’t simply faceless enemies, but mammoth poachers, or ruthless highwaymen, or, well, just bandits hiding in a cave. If you take the time to sneak around and listen, the bandits, or wizards, or what-have-you almost always have an interesting story to tell. Before you kill them.

And it’s the same throughout the dozens, if not hundreds, of locations in Skyrim. I. Am. Impressed.

I have now fulfilled my civic duty in touting the greatness that is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Back to exterminating the Silver Hand.


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