I’m going to start live streaming my game development work. Shameless plug:

I’ll be the first to admit this is at least partially motivated by the opportunity to gain exposure for my work, and maybe, possibly, in a dream scenario, earn a bit of cash. More realistically, I simply hope I can help a few other aspiring game developers learn a little bit – most likely from mistakes. Perhaps hearkening back to that dream scenario, maybe I could help push a few folks over the edge (that doesn’t sound good) who were dithering on whether to attempt a game project (a little better). I’m hoping at some point we can all look back and say, “See! It wasn’t that hard.”

It’s also interesting to work with the streaming technology. As the link above indicates (you did see the link, yes?), I’m streaming on At first, I downloaded XSplit Gamecaster, because the description stated it was “easy” and I could “start streaming in minutes.” Those are probably both fair statements, but Gamecaster limits its streaming to, well, games, which it detects through the use of DirectX or OpenGL. Which meant I couldn’t stream my game making with GameMaker. Back to the drawing board.

I considered using the open source solution suggested on Twitch, but I decided to try the other XSplit suggestion, XSplit Broadcaster. Worked like a charm, more or less.

I think I understand the what and why. Gamecaster is almost certainly the proper tool if you want to only stream games. Or, more precisely, game, because it seemed to attach itself to a game, and only stream that single game at a time. If you move to any other window, your stream will display an XSplit overlay by default, essentially an ad, or you can choose an option to black out the screen instead. This should prevent you from unintentionally sharing anything other than your game, which could prevent embarrassing or dangerous mishaps. Of course, it also prevented me from intentionally sharing anything other than my game, but it all worked out in the end.

Time, of course, will be a major factor. We’ll see how it goes. I hope to see you there.


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